IT Related Quality and Training Services


QuaTraC, more commonly known as QTC, is a consultancy which was established in 1995 to offer IT related quality and training services. As the IT industry has evolved so have the services offered by the company and those currently available are outlined below:

  • Intranet and web site design, development and maintenance
  • Implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001:2000 systems
  • Business process auditing to highlight areas exposed to unacceptable risk and to achieve performance improvement
  • Needs analysis and advice on co-ordination and deployment of information within organisations
  • Project management
  • Provision of training services - Microsoft Office products; ISEB accredited software testing, etc.


  • QuaTraC services are most applicable to:
  • Small to medium sized enterprises numbering 10 to 100 employees.
  • ISO 9001:2000 registered companies who need an extra pair of hands on an occasional basis
  • Companies who would like help to develop or maintain a company Intranet or web site.




E-mail or telephone Judy Robson on 01869 331352

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