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Court Farm BarnsTackley Business Network is an informal group of local business people who meet occasionally to discuss a varied schedule of topics. The meetings are informal and an excellent way to learn and share knowledge across the wide range of business skills that exists within the group.

If you have a business issue where the experiences of others may be of help - or if you have a topic or information that you think may be of interest to others then please let us know.

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Promoting your web site

Legislation relating to business web sites & e-mails

Promoting your web site

With many people finding the businesses they are looking for on the internet, promoting your web site is ever more important. Getting your site to the top of the Google searches can sometimes be difficult, so what other options are available?

  • Paid for search engine entries, such as Google’s Ad-Words offer a way to get your site noticed at a relatively reasonable cost. Even so, if you are in a competitive market it can be difficult to get your site listed without spending more.
  • Look at trade and local directories - especially if your potential customers are local to you. There are plenty in the Oxford area and some are free.
  • If you are a member of a trade or professional organisation they will probably have a web site and may have a facility for you to add a link to your web site on theirs.
  • Look at advertising on other people’s web sites or start an affiliate scheme. The idea is that you pay a commission for business referred to you, so no business = no cost. May not be suitable for many businesses.
  • If you have preferred suppliers or distributors look at reciprocal links - you link to their site and they link to yours.
  • Get your web site on the site!
  • Display your web address on letterhead, business cards, advertising, etc. It may sound obvious but it is amazing how many people do not do it.

This is not an exhaustive list, but while search engines are important (and Google is the most important of all) other methods of web site promotion should not be ignored.

If you would like more information Click Here to view an on-line presentation.

Legislation relating to business web sites and e-mails

As from 1 January 2007 the legislation relating to the information to be provided on business web sites and in business e-mails changed. The new rules apply mainly to limited companies and limited liability partnerships. However, if you sell goods or services on-line then the legislation regarding e-commerce sites applies to everyone, even if not trading as a limited company.

Business E-mails

All business E-mails must now include:

  • Company registration number
  • Place of company registration
  • Registered office address.

Business Web Sites

All business web sites must include the following. These do not need to be on every page but must be prominently displayed - for example on a "‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page.

  • Your company name
  • Your trading name if different. Any difference between the company name and trading name must be explained; for example "XYZ services is the trading name of XYZ Limited."
  • Registered office address
  • Company registration number
  • The company's place of registration (i.e. England and Wales or Scotland);
  • Privacy policy and general site terms and conditions.
  • For VAT-registered businesses, the company’s VAT number.
  • If the business belongs to any professional or trade associations, details of its membership should be provided.

E-Commerce Web Sites

All web sites that trade goods, services or information online must also include the following. These requirements apply even if you are not trading as a limited company.

  • Geographic Address. If you are a company this can be your registered address. If you are not, this must be a full postal address. (A P.O. Box address is not sufficient.)
  • E-mail address. Even if you have a contact form an e-mail address must be provided.
  • Terms and conditions that form part of the purchase contract with the ability for the customer to print or save them.
  • Details of the technical steps required to complete the purchase
  • An option to prevent personal details being stored and used for marketing purposes.


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