Niche marketing

Niche Marketing (UK) Limited


Niche Marketing was formed in 1991 when the company was 75% agricultural and horticultural crops, and 25% involved the food supply chain. When agriculture declined the early 90's, the company transferred its attentions to the food industry. Four agencies were secured from food technology companies and innovative food manufacturers in Australia, the USA and France


We offer food manufacturers and food supply companies, including major supermarkets, the opportunity to exclusively supply customers with add on value products. This, coupled with savings on production costs often in excess of 40%, represents a profitable business opportunity.


Examples of these technologies include:


1) The ability to reduce the size of fruit and vegetables by 90% and retain all the nutrition of fresh.

2) Fresh Pasta can be produced with a shelf life in access of 6 months and the production cost lowered by 50%

3) An 'Egg Free' omelette

4) Herbs which are shelf stable at 30% moisture, keep their colour and release flavour instantly when used in cooking


In total we have 142 technologies and 20 products we consider to be of value to the UK and EU food market.


Licences to use our technologies are available covering vegetables, cereals, meats, herbs, spreads, paste, snacks, breads, etc. Innovative snack foods from the USA cover fried, toasted and flavoured bread snacks of unusual shapes and flavours.


Niche Marketing also have a 'probe' which can be applied to fruit and vegetables to check amongst other items, harvest date, shelf life, fats, carbs, protein, skin texture and acidity (plus up to 3000 other programmed requirements). This will save some considerable time, money, waste on farm, in warehouse and in shops/supermarkets. Results are virtually instant and a print out made available immediately.


We are interested in contact from any EU-based food manufacturer, food supplier or supermarket.

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