Calkin Communications

Calkin Communications

Delivering high performance communications

solutions, any time, any place.


Calkin Communications Ltd (CCL) specialise in bringing high quality broadband communications to remote or rural locations where there is no access to cable in the ground. The solutions can be fixed long term, fixed short term or even mobile and in all cases the equipment you invest in can move with you.


Broadband communications can be used to provide a wide range of services and applications including:


High speed internet access - improved efficiency at work, more fun at home


High speed transfer of large files - e.g. art work, engineering drawings, photographs and presentations


Security and Surveillance - networked and wireless web cams transmit to secure web site enabling monitoring of multiple locations from a single point.


Video broadcast and feed, with secure dedicated link options

  • Major incident video link e.g. thermal camera images relayed to HQ
  • Major incident video link e.g. thermal camera images relayed
  • Multicast e.g. Live CEO 'message to the troops' at corporate events
  • On scene reporting
  • Video conferencing


Voice and Fax over IP - rapid deploy to new site, low cost routing and disaster recovery applications

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